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Young LGBTQ+ Leaders

The youth continue to lead as new generation of young people around the world are pushing for a revolutionary cultural shift. The voices of this new generation seek to create a world that is more free, just, and equitable for all - leaving no one behind.

Jack Petocz is taking on book banning and “Don’t Say Gay” at the age of 17. And he’s only getting started.

From online mobilization to a real-life movement, one Florida high school student is turning ideas into action.

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Meet the young leaders battling division and ensuring the future is queer

From high school to the digital universe, the next generation emerges stronger than ever.

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How Trevor Wilkinson rocked a rainbow manicure and became a leader of the queer teen revolution

As a high school student, he took on his school's dress code and won. As a university student, he's advocating for those most marginalized in society.

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