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LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Sports

As sports becomes a bigger focus in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality, there are still just a handful of out professional athletes. See how these athletes are changing the narrative of LGBTQ+ inclusion in sports and how they're inspiring others to live their truth.

R.K. Russell opens up about being Black and bisexual in the NFL — and how to make sports more inclusive

Being Black and bisexual in America come with their own challenges, but for R.K. Russell, they've come with many blessings as well.

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This courageous bi high school football player is showing the way for inclusion in a hidebound game

When Marc publicly came out last June, he became one of the few out athletes in football, a rarity in high schools and his community.

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The sports world is finally catching up to the greatness of Chris Mosier and CeCé Telfer

Trans triathlete Chris Mosier chatted with trans runner CeCé Telfer about the challenges Telfer faces on and off the track.

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