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Drag as Activism

Drag remains a force for change even as it becomes more commercial. Take a deep dive into the resilience of drag culture looking at its past, present and future, with Queens who are advocates for not just LGBTQ+ rights, but for a wide range of issues.

Drag has gone mainstream. Here’s how it continues to change the world for the better.

Many of today’s drag queen activists, who are fighting not just for their communities, but for their country, their values, and their planet.

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Jo MaMa has changed Chicago forever. They know you can change your world for the better, too.

“I originally thought it was going to be maybe me and 100 of my closest drag friends just out in the street, screaming for justice in drag,” they said. “And then it became something so much bigger.”

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Rising queen Lil Miss Hot Mess on how drag upsets the status quo 

She has challenged Facebook, PBS and right-wingers for the right to be queer in public.

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