Marjorie Taylor Greene says federally-funded transport should not be used for going to Pride

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene Photo: Screenshot

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) is now arguing that the D.C. Metro’s federal funding was not intended to help people get to Pride, which she referred to as “groom[ing] children.”

Quote-tweeting a message sent by the Metro’s official Twitter account about the Children’s Pride Parade – which was hosted by the D.C. Public Library this past Saturday as a family-friendly event – Greene brought up the federal money that the Metro receives.

“The Metro was funded $150 million last year from the Federal Transit Authority,” she wrote. “Federal funding (taxpayers dollars) should not be used to groom children.”

Grooming is a term used to refer to techniques used in child sex abuse. There is no reason to compare the Children’s Pride Parade to child sex abuse. Greene, who promoted the bizarre QAnon conspiracy theory online, often makes baseless accusations of pedophilia against people she doesn’t like.

On Twitter, many people disagreed with Greene’s assertion that the Children’s Pride Parade had anything to do with child sex abuse.

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