Is Spider-Verse’s Gwen Stacy trans?

Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy is likely the first trans Spider-Person in the Spider-Verse

Fans have speculated that Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy is transgender, but the new animated film Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, drops some major hints that they’re correct.

The movie never explicitly says she is transgender, but visual imagery and a storyline that includes a painful coming-out scene make it a straightforward interpretation.

In the film, the background colors change with her mood. When she reveals to her father that she is Spider-Woman, the hue changes to the colors of the trans flag – soft pink, blue, and white. Her hair color also changes to match the flag. Her father is shown later wearing a trans flag on his police uniform.

Her decision to reveal that her family doesn’t know “half of who I am” has also resonated with transgender fans. Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that she has a trans pride flag on her jacket and a “Protect Trans Kids” sticker on her bedroom wall.

Fans have repeatedly pointed out the allegory of her coming-out scene and the shift in colors as well as that the main character, Miles Morales, doesn’t shy away from still showing romantic interest in her.

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