Anna Nicole Smith’s friends claim she was sexually fluid

Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole SmithPhoto: Courtesy of Netflix

As a new Netflix documentary about Anna Nicole Smith debuts, friends are speaking out about the late model and reality TV star’s sexuality.

Smith’s friend, fashion designer, and podcaster Pol’ Atteu, told People Magazine that she “was fluid. We just did not have a name for it back then.”

Smith, who died of an accidental overdose at the age of 39 in 2007, rose to fame as a Playboy model in the early 90s. She married then-89-year-old Houston billionaire J. Howard Marshall in 1994. But another friend claims that she and Smith carried on a secret affair during her relationship with Marshall, who died in 1995.

“I was not her first female lover,” Missy Byrum told People. According to Byrum, she and Smith met while working at a Houston strip club in the late 80s. After some initial drug and alcohol-fueled hookups, Byrum claims that she and Smith fell in love.

“It was a conscious thing,” Byrum said. “She said that she loved me.”

“We’d now been through some bad relationships, both of us, with men. We decided that we just didn’t need men,” she said.

Byrum claims that she and Smith intended to raise Smith’s son Daniel together, and in 1993 Smith proposed to her. “She gave me a set of wedding rings and we got married in the backyard by the pool with champagne,” Byrum said.

According to People, the ceremony was not legally officiated and only Smith’s housekeeper attended.

Byrum claims that Smith wanted to have a baby with her, but she eventually left Smith due to the star’s addiction issues.

“She was a princess,” Byrum said of Smith. “If she wanted something from you, you would deliver it. That’s how it worked. [Smith] was adaptable and changeable to whatever circumstances were going on in your particular dynamic of a relationship, to get what she needed.”

But Smith’s friend Patrik Simpson recalls her in a more generous light. “I think that she genuinely just loved, loved, loved people,” he said. “And if it was a woman that she was so involved with, in love with, and then fine, then she could have sex with a woman. If it was a man she could love and have sex with, it was a man.”

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