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Major rightwing “Stop the Steal” activist allegedly demanded nude pics from teen boys

Ali Alexander appearing to testify before the January 6 committee
Ali Alexander appearing to testify before the January 6 committeePhoto: Screenshot

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is demanding that the FBI investigate a fellow conservative who has been accused of asking teenage boys for naked pictures.

“This is disgusting textbook predation of underage boys. And Nick Fuentes was in on it,” Greene wrote, sharing an article about Donald Trump ally and “Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander being accused of asking for sexual pictures from a minor. She added the hashtag #NickKnew, referring to white supremacist Nick Fuentes, a former friend of Greene who has joked about Jews being killed in the Holocaust and uses the n-word.

“FBI should investigate,” she wrote, even though she supports defunding the FBI.

Alexander is one of the most prominent pro-Trump activists on the right, organizing the Stop the Steal rally on January 6, 2021, the rally that preceded the Capitol Insurrection. He posted a video of himself to social media looking at the crowd outside the Capitol and said, “I don’t disavow this. I do not denounce this.” Alexander admitted to asking white nationalist groups for help with security for the event – groups like the Proud Boys who would later be involved in the insurrection – but has denied working with anyone to attack the Capitol.

A Monday article in The Daily Beast summarizes allegations against Alexander, saying that rumors have been spread about his predation on younger males since at least 2015. Last month, ex-gay rightwing activist Milo Yiannopoulos started releasing videos and other evidence that suggested that Alexander sexually propositioned adult men as well as two teenage boys.

One of those boys was Aidan Duncan, who was 15 in 2017. Alexander asked him for nude photographs, according to Duncan, which he sent Alexander, who was 32 at the time. Alexander promised the boy, who was interested in rightwing politics, access to his connections.

“You’ll have [me] sharing my entire network with you,” according to Snapchat screenshots that he kept from September 2017.

The messages show that Alexander offered Duncan access to Yiannopoulos, saying that he could meet Yiannopoulos if Duncan was willing to be his “arm candy” and be “entertaining.”

“Rolling with me?” Alexander wrote. “Mostly. I’ll have an Entourage. Depends. Ha. I mean, depends—if it’s me babysitting you during the day, then no. I don’t have kids. If it’s something more entertaining, then maybe. All depends on what we’re up to. No matter what, I’ll let you meet Milo. There’s probably five ppl I’ll introduce to him. But who will be my arm candy—the one with me always in VIP and in/out? Well that is to be determined by the boy who plays his cards the most correct.”

“Arm candy > baby sitting,” he wrote.

Duncan sent nude pictures to Alexander and Alexander responded with a “face with heart eyes” emoji. He said he would send the teen boy money. He told the boy that he was allowed to have boundaries during a planned visit but discouraged him from expressing them.

“Boundaries are cool,” Alexander wrote. “Allowed to say no. However, the less you deprive me of, the less I deprive you of. I’m a big sharing person unless it’s not even.”

In messages sent in May 2019, Alexander told Duncan that he was mad at the underage boy.

“You don’t even send me videos anymore,” he wrote. “No good jack off material. Don’t even wanna be my side piece.” He was trying to get Duncan to go to Texas with him.

Duncan is now 21 and is growing in prominence on the far right. He talked about Alexander on a white supremacist podcast in March, saying that he believes Fuentes knew what Alexander was doing.

“I think Nick is 100 percent aware,” Duncan said.

“When I was 15 I was naive and desperate,” Duncan wrote on Twitter last week. “I thought I had no choice but to cooperate with inappropriate and humiliating requests if I wanted to make it in politics. I figured that was just the nature of the game.”

The other teenage boy was Lance Johnston, who was 17 when Alexander started messaging him in 2019. Johnston already had 140,000 followers on TikTok for his rightwing content.

Johnston told The Daily Beast that Alexander moved “oddly quickly” and started talking about sex with him. He brought up the July 2019 “Social Media Summit” where Donald Trump said that conservatives – including Alexander – were the victims of censorship by major social media platforms.

Alexander asked Johnston for a picture of his penis that night.

“Show me ur [eggplant emoji],” Alexander wrote.

“What’s that?” the teen responded.

“Omg d**k,” Alexander wrote, according to a screenshot.

Johnston said he blocked Alexander but worried that Alexander would retaliate.

“I thought in my mind that he would try his best to try to discredit me and ruin me politically and influentially with my time in politics,” he said.

Johnston sent the screenshot to a friend who shared it online, and it started getting shared.

“You can have any conversation you want with someone who’s 17,” Alexander said in a live stream in 2019 to defend himself.

Alexander and Fuentes became part of Kanye West’s entourage last year, along with Yiannopoulos, getting more mainstream media attention than they had ever gotten before. Johnston said that that’s when Fuentes texted him.

“Nick personally asked me to apologize to Ali for supposedly faking the messages,” he said. “Basically they wanted me to lie, apologize to Ali, and then they said they would try to get me a job.”

Johnston insists, now, that the screenshot with the eggplant is real.

Fuentes denied Johnston’s story, saying he never offered Johnston a job or told him to say the screenshot was fake. He claimed on social media that Johnston was trying to “extort” Alexander to get a job with West.

“[Duncan] and Lance were willing to go along flirting with Ali (to varying degrees) without any protest because they thought it would advance their political careers,” Fuentes wrote on the rightwing social media app Telegram. “If you are flirting with adult gay men because you think it’s going to land you a job, you know full well what you’re doing and it’s gross. Sorry but even at 15, I would have never sent nudes to an adult gay man. There’s something wrong there.”

“The real victim in this entire saga is me,” Fuentes wrote.

Following his ouster from West’s inner circle last year, Yiannopoulos started publishing evidence of Alexander’s alleged predatory behavior and Fuentes’s alleged inaction, including text messages Yiannopoulos sent to Fuentes warning him about Alexander.

Alexander, for his part, issued an apology last Friday, without saying exactly what he was apologizing for.

“I apologize for any inappropriate messages sent over the years,” Alexander wrote in a statement. “When I’ve flirted or others have flirted with me, I’ve flexed my credentials or dropped corny pick up lines. Other times, I’ve been careless and should’ve qualified those coming up to me’s identities during flirtatious banter at the start.”

He also wrote that he has been “battling SSA.” SSA, or same-sex attraction, is a term used in conversion therapy circles to refer to being gay or bisexual. He said that he has “repented before Go and confess at Church.”

He still insisted that “nothing unlawful has occurred” and called the accusations against him “false.”

Alexander now says that Greene is attacking him because he “exposed the fact that Marjorie Taylor Greene committed a crime.”

“I have the receipts and I will not be intimidated,” he wrote. The crime, according to screenshots taken from Alexander’s Telegram account, is perjury.

Greene was close with both Yiannopoulos and Fuentes in the past.

She spoke at Fuentes’ AFPAC conference last year, an event that many elected Republicans avoided because Fuentes is a white supremacist. Greene even faced harsh criticism from Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) for attending the AFPAC at a meeting of the Freedom Caucus. Witnesses thought the two were going to get physically violent until another member of Congress “stepped in to de-escalate.”

But Fuentes and Greene had a falling out later in 2022 when Fuentes joined West’s entourage. Greene denounced Fuentes in November.

“Of course I denounce Nick Fuentes and his racists anti-semitic ideology,” she tweeted. “I can’t comprehend why the media is obsessed with him.”

And Fuentes attacked Greene on a podcast: “She wants to be the face of Christian nationalism. She’s divorced… and she’s like, actively an adulterer. How are you going to be the face of Christian nationalism when you’re a divorced woman girlboss? It doesn’t even make any sense. I’m so glad I don’t have to pretend to support that anymore.”

Yiannopoulos interned for Greene in Congress, and he still speaks positively about her on social media.

Yiannopoulos was an editor at the rightwing news site Breitbart and popular among the alt-right before he got kicked out of that position due to his apparent public support for child sex abuse.

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