Mary Trump explains why Ivanka Trump is distancing herself from her father

Mary Trump
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Donald Trump’s lesbian niece and clinical psychologist Mary Trump said that her cousin and her husband – Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner – are distancing themselves from Donald Trump because he’s “losing value.”

“Donald is definitely losing value in terms of the party, and in terms of politics generally,” Mary Trump said on MSNBC. “And Ivanka and Jared are legitimately wealthy people apart from whatever Donald Trump is doing, so they don’t need him to the same degree they might have.”

She added that Ivanka Trump and Kushner “finally realized that they gain more by staying away from Donald than they do by staying aligned with him” and now believe that their association with Donald Trump “damaged them, at least socially.”

Mary Trump was referring to how Ivanka Trump skipped her father’s 2024 presidential campaign announcement event in November and has been traveling to Egypt and Qatar. She and her husband were both advisors in the Trump administration.

Last month, the New York Post published an article where an unnamed source said that Ivanka Trump “hated all the criticism and the threats” that came with her time in the White House and was “unhappy about how a lot of their friends turned their back on them.” These former friends reportedly include Chelsea Clinton and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

Mary Trump stressed that her uncle’s close associates see relationships as “transactional.”

“It’s the same with most of Donald’s inner circle,” she explained. “There is always a transactional calculation being made and a lot of people are making the calculation that it just isn’t worth it for them anymore.”

Ivanka Trump and Kushner have reportedly been trying to rehab their public image since the end of the Trump administration, painting themselves as “victims” of the investigations into their possible financial crimes, calling the investigations “harassment.”

But Donald Trump’s place in the Republican Party has gotten less tenable in the past two months after the Republican “red wave” failed to materialize in the midterm elections, with many conservatives blaming Donald Trump for picking bad candidates, scaring away moderate voters, and not spending enough to help GOP candidates. Many Republicans are openly criticizing him now as he mounts his 2024 campaign.

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi noted while talking with Mary Trump that Donald Trump’s speeches have lately become less about politics and more about “losing the 2020 election and how everybody else is treating him so badly.”

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