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JK Rowling gleefully tweets anti-trans “holiday” message to fan

JK Rowling, transgender inmates, New Jersey
JK Rowling in 2011 Photo: Shutterstock

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling wished one of her followers a “Merry TERFmas,” a reference to a transphobic holiday honoring her that her fans made up last year.

TERF” means “trans exclusionary radical feminist,” or people who use the language of feminism to attack transgender people. Rowling has spent the past several years attacking transgender people.

One of her followers – a woman named “Sian” who uses a profile picture of a shirtless, muscular man – wrote that she suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and the only thing that makes her happy is that Rowling is funding a rape crisis shelter that excludes transgender women.

“Merry Terfmas,” Rowling responded with a kissing-face emoji.

TERFmas” – also known as Gender Critical Coming Out Day, where “gender critical” is a euphemism for transphobia – was started last year by Rowling’s fans and is the anniversary of the day Rowling tweeted her support for anti-transgender activist Maya Forstater on December 19, 2019.

Fans made a website explaining how people can “come out” as transphobic to the people in their family, and it suggested using holiday celebrations as a time to bring up transgender issues since people are often too polite to escape then.

“Ask friends/family if they’ve heard of ‘gender critical,’” the site said, suggesting people buy merchandise and books “for friends and family” as Christmas presents.

In related news, Rowling threw a fit on Twitter when a transgender fan of the Harry Potter franchise tweeted that she owns Harry Potter books and movies but didn’t want to spend any more money for Harry Potter products in light of how Rowling herself said that her revenue gives her comfort as she has become perhaps the best known anti-transgender activist in the world.

Rowling even suggested that the trans woman kill her dogs.

“I will not begrudge anyone their love of past works or thing[s] they already own that they take comfort in,” Jessie Earl posted on Twitter. “I own the first 9 movies and all 7 books myself. But any support of something like [Harry Potter video game] Hogwarts Legacy is harmful.”

Rowling sarcastically responded that it was “deeply disappointing” that Earl “doesn’t realize purethink is incompatible with owning ANYTHING connected with me, in ANY form. The truly righteous wouldn’t just burn their books and movies but the local library, anything with an owl on it and their own pet dogs.”

Trans people and progressives reacted negatively to Rowling’s fit and pointed out that her 14 million followers will likely harass Earl.

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