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Sore loser GOP candidate caught on video in vulgar rant about former Republican leader

Council member Michelle Fiore
Michelle Fiore Photo: U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Haley Stevens

Outgoing Las Vegas city councilwoman Michele Fiore (R) has a well-documented track record of attacking the LGBTQ community for political gain. But at a GOP event earlier this week, she turned her ire on the state’s former Republican party chair.

In leaked video from the Tuesday night event, the Republican National Committeewoman, who recently lost her bid to become Nevada’s state treasurer, can be heard attacking Amy Tarkanian in shockingly vulgar and personal terms.

“This girl, Miss Alcoholic that she is, this panty dropper after two shots, okay? This girl, if you want a piece of Amy, give her two shots. She’ll give it to y’all, okay?” Fiore said.

Tarkanian, who is married to Douglas County commissioner Danny Tarkanian, the son of former UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, broke with her party over the summer, endorsing several prominent Democrats running for the state’s top offices, including incumbent state Attorney General Aaron Ford and Fiore’s opponent, incumbent State Treasurer Zach Conine.

“This girl campaigned against my best friend Sigal Chattah,” Fiore said, referring to Ford’s Republican opponent, who threatened to hang the incumbent Democrat.

She went on to issues some threats of her own: “In Brooklyn, she’d get a beating, but here we have a couple of other rules, so we can’t break her fingers. You know what I mean? Just kidding, just kidding. I didn’t break anybody’s fingers, it’s all a lie.”

“She was the chairwoman for five months, about to be recalled and she quit because she knew her time was up because she was useless as tits on a boar,” Fiore continued. “You know what that means? I wasn’t going to say any of this tonight, but I have to tell you, when you drive up and down this state, we’ve got 17 counties, and this alcoholic bimbo who smears the Tarkanian name, smears it, may Jerry Tarkanian rest in peace, he’s turning over in his grave that his stupid son Danny married a stupid waitress from Fresno.”

Fiore’s rant drew a mixture of laughter, gasps, and boos, with some in the crowd urging her to get off the stage. She went on, however, to imply that Tarkanian may have had an inappropriate relationship with Ford.

“Let me tell you something,” she said. “I worked with Aaron Ford, he was a senator, I was an assemblywoman. Now I don’t know how snuggly Amy got with Aaron, but I’m going to tell you something ain’t right, and I know it’s two-shot Amy Tarkanian.”

Tarkanian responded to Fiore’s comments, telling Las Vegas NBC affiliate KSNV she thinks she deserves an apology.

“It was disappointing, it’s disgusting, but I was not shocked, because in all honesty, I think that they are now needing a new villain,” Tarkanian said. “I think a public apology would be phenomenal, but unfortunately, I don’t think she’s embarrassed. I’m not embarrassed. I think she should be embarrassed, and I think the national party really needs to take a hard look and see who is representing the Republican Party.”

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