Laverne Cox says “so many men, celebrity men” are secretly sleeping with trans women

Laverne Cox and Angelica Ross
Laverne Cox and Angelica Ross Photo: Nicole Weingart/E! ENTERTAINMENT

Black transgender actresses Laverne Cox and Angelica Ross discussed the stigma men face when dating transgender women on the latest episode of If We’re Being Honest With Laverne Cox.

“It’s deeply problematic when people hear that a famous man is with a trans woman and they automatically think that he’s gay,” Cox said. “Because that is disavowing the womanhood of trans women.”

“I can’t believe, in 2022, we’re still dealing with stigma. And that there are so many men, celebrity men, famous men, who are terrified of people finding out that they’re sleeping with trans women. I honestly can’t believe it!”

They then joked about writing profiles as escorts.

“What would my profile even be?” Cox joked. “The first trans woman on the cover of Time magazine, to be nominated for an Emmy, girlfriend experience!”

If We’re Being Honest With Laverne Cox airs on E! on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern.

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