Jonathan Van Ness shares details of his struggle with eating disorder

Jonathan Van Ness, a bearded white person with long hair, stands in a black shiny dress at a Netflix red carpet event.
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Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness has opened up about his struggle with binge eating.

The Netflix reality series’ grooming expert recently posted on Instagram about his journey toward a healthier relationship with food. The post features side-by-side videos of Van Ness doing a back flip, with a caption explaining how gymnastics has been integral to his journey.


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“Always been a hot & sexy slut but have also been struggling with binge eating disorder at the same time for a very long time,” he writes.

“In April after years of feeling out of control with food I got help. Gymnastics is a huge source of joy for me, and I want to do it for as long and safely as possible.”

In August, Van Ness posted a video on TikTok describing how he’d lost 35 pounds after hiring a nutritionist in April. In the clip, he acknowledged that talking about weight loss can be tricky and triggering for some.


Talking about weight / eating here if you don’t want to hear bout it this video isnt for you ❤️ Changes take time ❤️ love you!

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“Its been so interesting because I now prioritize making time to eat, planning to eat & actually eating,” writes in his Oct. 27 Instagram post. “It use to be my lowest priority which would make me so hungry that when I would eat, I would binge. This has been and continues to be a healing journey I’m grateful to be on.”

He goes on to admit feeling nervous about sharing his struggle with fans. But, he writes, “I feel its important to share, we are not alone, and its good to ask for help when you need it. I honor my journey, I feel stronger and more in tune with my body and am so happy to have people to help me along the way.”

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