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LGBTQ Nation Heroes 2022 opens today for voting, so go make your voice heard.

Each year, LGBTQ Nation focuses on the good work people are doing to better inspire ourselves and our readers to do better and to draw attention to work that still needs to be done. It is our way to honor people who are doing good so that we could all do better.

Our editorial team put together a line up of 40 people or groups who we consider heroes from the past year across eight categories. The nominees are LGBTQ people or close allies who have done heroic work in a variety of fields and highlight what it means to be on the right side of history.

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You can vote for your heroes every day this month, once per device, until September 30.

This past year has been hard for LGBTQ people. We’ve been subjected to extremists’ lies and slander while hundreds of bills attacking LGBTQ youth were filed in state legislatures across the country.

Militant groups have been protesting LGBTQ youth events while, on social media, the far-right has been attacking LGBTQ suicide prevention organizations and children’s hospitals. This is all while many LGBTQ people find it too dangerous to live as their authentic selves.

Despite the hatred, we are – as we always were – surrounded by heroes. Heroes who want to make the world a better place for people like us. Heroes who use their power or their platforms to educate and influence. Heroes who help others around them in their communities. Heroes who decide to take a stand for people who can’t stand up for themselves just yet.

We picked eight categories that represent different kinds of people who are doing important work. Four categories have appeared in previous iterations of LGBTQ Nation’s Heroes, and four are new.

The best part about LGBTQ Nation’s Heroes is learning about the nominees, so take some time to read about them before voting. There are five nominees in each of the eight categories: LGBTQ Nation Hero of the Year, Celebrity who made us Proud, Social Media Hero, Good News Hero, Hero who Stood Up with Dignity, Hero Defending the Children, Sports Hero, and Political Hero.

Readers can vote for who they think best represented what it is to be a hero in each category once each day, starting today and going through September 30. One vote is allowed per device per day. Winners will be announced shortly after voting is closed.

We want your informed and discerning opinion on who is making the world a better place and inspiring you.

Vote now for LGBTQ Nation’s 2022 Political Hero

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