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Do Republicans think drag shows are more dangerous than guns? One man says they are.

Good Liar Jason Selvig interviews a man about drag shows
Good Liar Jason Selvig interviews a man about drag showsPhoto: Screenshot

The comedians known as The Good Liars are taking on an important question for Republicans as the midterms approach: are drag queens or guns more dangerous to children?

Republicans have spent the better part of this past year demonizing family-friendly drag events like Drag Queen Story Hour, leading to neo-nazis and other hate groups protesting drag queens. Conservative activists like Chaya Raichik of LibsofTikTok have popularized calling drag queens “groomers” if they get anywhere near children, implying that lipsyncing to “Baby Shark” is a form of child sex abuse.

Meanwhile, Republican politicians downplay gun violence even in the immediate aftermath of school shootings that leave dozens of children dead.

So Jason Selvig of The Good Liars asked a man: “What do you think is more dangerous for children: going to drag shows or guns?”

“Drag shows, if you ask me, yeah,” he responded. “Kids can own guns legitimately, you know, use them the right way, but drag shows, it’s just horrible.”

“But you think drag shows put them in more danger than a gun?” Selvig pressed.

“Well it’s going to change their lives, sure,” the man responded. “You know, I mean, I didn’t go to them when I was… They weren’t around when I was young. So, yeah, I don’t believe in it.”

“But a drag show probably wouldn’t kill somebody,” Selvig said.

“No, it wouldn’t kill anybody, no,” the man agreed. But apparently seeing a performer in a wig and false eyelashes is a fate worse than death.

In the responses, people pointed out that drag shows have been around for a while, contrary to what this man asserted.

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