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Marjorie Taylor Greene spreads false story of students using litter boxes during anti-trans crusade

Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks at a rally
Photo: YouTube screenshot

Marjorie Taylor Greene scratched up a litter box of lies on Saturday in cameo appearances at Donald Trump’s latest “Save America” rally in Pennsylvania.

The MAGA meet-up, which took place in Wilkes-Barre in the northeast part of the state near Scranton, filled the 10,000 seat arena with superfans of the former president and his picks for senate and governor in the Keystone State, Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano.

In a pre-show interview outside the Mohegan Sun Arena, Greene perpetuated at least two long-debunked myths.

In an interview with the Right Side Broadcasting Network, Greene ran with the correspondent’s story of a school in Texas, where officials purportedly added a litter box option in a restroom to accommodate children identifying as furries. While the interviewer laughed and said “I thought it was from the Onion,” he nevertheless described the thinly-veiled attempt at anti-trans rhetoric as “Absolutely true.” Greene was all-in.

“If some student wants to pretend like a cat and use a litter box after school, that’s their prerogative, but the school and school resources and the other students and teachers should not have to be put through that because it’s a lie.”

“We have to reject them,” said Greene of the children pretending to be cats. “It’s not about people’s feelings. It’s about the truth and rejecting the lies and we have to stand up.”

The litter box story was introduced in January in Michigan, not Texas, by GOP co-chair Meshawn Maddock, who was in the news at the time for her role in the fake electors scandal in the state. A school superintendent swatted down the false rumor, but by that time right-wing “Libs of TikTok” scowl Chaya Raichik had launched the lie into infamy.

Outside, Greene whipped up the crowd with more anti-trans rhetoric directed at the Biden administration’s assistant secretary for health and the nation’s highest ranking trans official.

“How do you guys feel about Dr. Rachel Levine?” Greene shouted to rally-goers.

“That’s a man, not a woman,” one attendee said. “We know the difference,” another added.

Greene continued: “He supports children having sex change surgeries. This is what Fetterman supports,” Greene said of the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania governor. “I don’t think that’s mainstream, do you? It’s child abuse.”

Levine does not support gender-affirming surgeries for minors.

Inside, Greene also perpetuated the lie that Biden stole the 2020 election.

“President Trump won the 2020 election,” she shouted to gleeful screams of approval. “That’s right. We know President Trump won.”

Greene added variously: Wind turbines “will plunge us into darkness,” “Biden has “ripped open the border,” and, “You better bet we are going to fire Nancy Pelosi. I’ve never liked her anyways.”

Still obsessed with fading pandemic lockdowns and mandates, Greene also had a warning for Dr. Anthony Fauci, should Republicans retake the House: “He thinks he’s gonna retire. Let me tell you something. I think that man belongs in jail.”

The crowd roared in approval.

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