Fall entertainment preview: 6 queer things to watch & read

Fall entertainment preview: 6 queer things to watch & read
Ben Aldridge and Jim Parsons in "Spoiler Alert" Photo: Focus Features

Fall is a time for new TV, new movies—some of them possibly Oscar-bound—and new books. We’ve sifted through some of the season’s new releases and picked a few queer offerings that definitely deserve your attention. Mark your calendars, save a place on your bookshelves, and make some time to dive into these six queer films, series, and books.

Little, Brown

Less Is Lost

Arthur Less is back and as charming as ever! Andrew Sean Greer follows up his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Less with another tale of the lovably hapless author. This time around, Less finds himself traversing America, from a deeply weird encounter with a famous author in the Southwest to a traveling theater company staging performances based on his work in the Southeast, to his mid-Atlantic birthplace where he may or may not reconnect with his estranged father. All of which hopefully leads him back to his true love (maybe?), Freddy Pelu. On sale September 2022.  


Writer and star Billy Eichner is pretty psyched that his gay rom-com is heading to theaters—and he should be! Bros follows Eichner’s Bobby, a single guy who’s happy being single until he meets the ridiculously hot Aaron (Luke Macfarlane), and the two of them have to figure out how to combat all their body image and commitment nonsense and be boyfriends. The film is notable for reportedly being the first major studio film with an all LGBTQ cast—even the straights are played by gays! Plus, it looks funny and sexy as hell. In theaters on September 30.

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Interview with the Vampire

This new series adaptation of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles updates the source material significantly, moving the bloodsucking action from Antebellum Louisiana to Jazz Age New Orleans. But it’s almost guaranteed to retain the novel’s queerness. Game of Thrones alum Jacob Anderson stars as reluctant vampire Louis, who is seduced to the dark side by the devilishly handsome Lestat (Sam Reid). But marriage is apparently no easier for the undead than it is for the rest of us! Premieres on AMC and AMC+ October 2.

My Policeman

Speaking of complicated marriages…Emma Corrin and Harry styles star in this period film based on Bethan Roberts’s 2012 novel. Corrin stars as Marion, a woman who fall in love with Tom (Styles), a gay police officer in 1950s Brighton. The problem is, Tom is in love with museum curator Patrick (David Dawson), so naturally Patrick and Marion get married. But things take a nasty turn when Marion becomes jealous of the two men in her life. In select theaters October 21. Streaming on Prime Video November 4.


The White Lotus

By the time bisexual creator Mike White’s hit series returns in October, summer will be a distant memory. All the more reason to live vicariously through a mostly new cast of wealthy numbskulls sunning themselves at the exclusive White Lotus resort. Season 2 sees Jennifer Coolidge returning for a trip to a different White Lotus location in Sicily, alongside newcomers Aubrey Plaza, Tom Hollander, Michael Imperioli, F. Murray Abraham, and others. Streaming on HBO Max in October.

Focus Features

Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies

Jim Parsons stars in this film based on writer Michael Ausiello’s memoir about the death of his lover, photographer Kit Cowan, from cancer. Parsons stars as Ausiello, while Pennyworth’s Ben Aldridge plays Cowan. The State alum and Search Party co-creator Michael Showalter directs from a screenplay co-written by Dan Savage. And if the premise itself isn’t reason enough to stock up on tissues, the presence of Sally Field as Cowan’s mother is a good indication that we’re all in for a good cry. In theaters on December 2.

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