Marjorie Taylor Greene claims Karine Jean-Pierre can’t understand parents because she’s a lesbian

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene/Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene/Press Secretary Karine Jean-PierrePhoto: Screenshot/Official White House photo

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claimed in a webcast that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre can’t understand the baby formula shortage because she’s “married to a woman” and “doesn’t have children.”

Jean-Pierre has a daughter.

Greene was talking on her MTGLive online broadcast and she played a clip from the August 3, 2022 White House press briefing where Jean-Pierre was asked about the baby formula shortage. She responded that the Biden administration can “understand what parents are going through — caregivers, moms and dads, you know, grandparents.  And we have — we have done — we have done — you know, we have done the work, and we’ll continue to do the work to make sure that families have safe baby formula so that they can feed their kids.”

“She claims they’re doing the work every day,” Greene said sarcastically. “Karine claims that they care about families and babies.”

“Karine claims that she understands, but she doesn’t have children and, I think, she’s married to a woman, so obviously she doesn’t really understand that. I don’t know if they even have children.”

Greene’s bizarre notion that lesbians can’t have children comes just weeks after her colleague Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) said something similar when it came to abortion.

Boebert talked about how a bisexual woman was at a hearing about the fallout from the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and ending the federal right to an abortion.

“They were saying that Roe v. Wade impacts people of the LGBTQ community,” Boebert said on the Flash Point podcast in July. “Well, I’m sorry but if you are not able to have a child, then how does that actually impact you?”

Many queer women, trans men, and non-binary people have sexual relationships with people who can get them pregnant. Also, LGBTQ people can be the victims of sexual assault. Being LGBTQ doesn’t negate the existence of reproductive organs.

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