Log Cabin Republicans compare FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid to Stonewall riot & it didn’t go over well

Mar-a-Lago on Palm Beach Island, Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Mar-a-Lago is Palm Beach's grandest mansion built in 1927.
Mar-a-Lago on Palm Beach Island, Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Mar-a-Lago is Palm Beach's grandest mansion built in 1927.

The Log Cabin Republicans are comparing the raid on Mar-a-Lago to the 1969 police raid at the historic Stonewall Inn which sparked the modern American LGBTQ rights movement.

On Monday, the gay conservative group’s official Twitter account posted the following tweet in reaction to the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida resort:

“Just as the patrons of Stonewall were not intimidated by police, we will not be intimidated by the weaponization of the FBI and DoJ against President Trump or his home, Mar-A-Lago… …where (as we announced hours ago) we will be holding our annual gala later this year!”

The FBI descended upon Mar-a-Lago Monday and reportedly searched Trump’s West Palm Beach residence for classified materials the former president may have brought with him after leaving the White House in January 2021.

The Log Cabin Republicans previously held their 2021 Spirit of Lincoln Gala at Mar-a-Logo, where they honored former First Lady Melania Trump with a special award. But despite kowtowing to the GOP, including embracing Trump and endorsing overtly anti-LGBTQ candidates in 2020, the group has largely failed to be accepted by the party. Earlier this year they were denied a booth at the Texas GOP convention, where the party adopted an explicitly anti-LGBTQ platform that declares that “homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice.”

Twitter users saw Monday’s tweet for the cynical ploy that it was. “If you are going to equate a horrific moment in the history of our LGBTQ community and our fight for equality to the raid by a lawless former President, shame on you,” wrote Native American Democratic Caucus chair Isaac Dakota Casados.

“You should be ashamed, comparing the persecution of homosexuals living their lives to the corrupt dealings of a likely criminal, but you won’t be,” another user tweeted.

Others took swipes at the group’s hypocrisy and apparent thirst for humiliation.

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