GOP operative wants LGBTQ community put in “isolation camps for their own protection”

GOP operative wants LGBTQ community put in “isolation camps for their own protection”
Ethan Schmidt-Crockett, left, with Arizona Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake Photo: screenshot

A supporter of Kari Lake, the Trump-endorsed, newly-declared winner of last week’s Republican gubernatorial primary in Arizona, has called for the forced relocation of LGBTQ people to camps in an effort to stop the spread of the monkeypox virus.

Ethan Schmidt-Crockett declared in a video posted to Patriot Takes on Twitter: “We need to quarantine and isolate all the folks of the LGBT community. We need to find all of them. We need to hunt them down and put them into isolation camps for their own protection.”

Of the government, Schmidt-Crockett asks: “How come they’re not taking precautions advocating against reprobate fornication?”

Over the past week, Schmidt-Crockett has posted a series videos and pronouncements targeting the LGBTQ community as responsible for the current monkeypox (MPXV) virus outbreak and encouraging their forced removal, while touting Lake’s support.

“Kari Lake and I are going to round up all the folks in the LGBT community, and bring them to quarantine camps, it’s for their own safety #stopthespread”, Schmidt-Crockett posted.

Schmidt-Crockett appeared with Lake at a rally for her gubernatorial campaign in Arizona last August, where she endorsed his anti-mask crusade.

The Republican candidate followed Schmidt-Crockett on Instagram soon after, before his account was disabled for spreading false information.

In another video, Schmidt-Crockett declares: “Pride month caused all this. So we need to end Pride month. All the businesses associated with LGBT, Pride, they need to be shut, ’cause those are the places that are spreading the virus. So they need to be shut down. That’s the only way were gonna be able to stop the spread. This is serious. This is a public health emergency, and the LGBTQ community is at fault.”

Schmidt-Crockett has drawn public notice before with a series of anti-LGBTQ provocations at stores around Phoenix. In May, he filmed himself at a PetSmart demanding the store’s Pride flag be removed, claiming it “supports pedophilia and child sexualization.” He tells an employee: “The real rainbow is from God. That’s the rainbow of Satan.” The store left the flag up.

In May, Schmidt-Crockett once again threatened to go on a hunt, this time for LGBTQ supporters at Target, where he promised to expose the retail chain’s “Satanic pride shrines to children.”

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