This Week on LGBTQ Twitter: Prepare for Queer Wrath Month

This Week on LGBTQ Twitter: Prepare for Queer Wrath Month
Sylvia Rivera tells it like it is.

Pride Month may (technically) be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re crawling back into the closet for the next 11 months.

Even if the corporations lose rainbows, LGBTQ folks are not backing down.

Related: Lynda Carter spent June celebrating Pride. She’ll be dancing her way through July.

July 1 marks the beginning of the lesser-known but increasingly-relevant Wrath Month.

In the face of so much hate, queer folks are fighting back on their own terms.

And Lynda Carter (aka the original Wonder Woman) is here to celebrate with us.

But what about the other “deadly” sins? When will they have their time to shine? One Twitter user helpfully provided a draft calendar.

While others advocated for simply extending Pride.

But how (the corporations ask) will we market it?

Frankly, making it through this last Pride Month relatively unscathed is cause enough for celebration.


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