Jordan Peterson’s epic whining after suspension for deadnaming Elliot Page sparks internet mockery

Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson Photo: Screenshot

People have had a field day – er, week – mocking a video made by anti-LGBTQ Canadian professor Jordan Peterson after he got suspended from Twitter for deadnaming actor Elliot Page.

Peterson published a tweet last week when he wrote for his 2.8 million followers: “Remember when pride was a sin? And [deadname] Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.”

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Peterson got suspended for that tweet since deadnaming violates Twitter’s policy on harassment and hate speech. According to his daughter, he was told to delete that tweet if he wanted back on the platform.

Instead of just deleting it, he made a meme-able video whining about Twitter’s rules, where he claimed that he “would rather die” than delete his tweet about Page.

“What was it that I said that caused such a fuss? What exactly was it that I said that resulted in the ban?” he asked, even though Twitter’s rules specifically mention deadnaming and misgendering as forms of harassment.

“What rules you sons of bitches? Exactly? Precisely? Because such things matter when the accusations start flying,” he said.

“I’m not taking down that tweet or acknowledging that my tweet violated the Twitter rules,” he said. “Up yours, woke moralists. We’ll see who cancels who.”

Of course, the over-the-top video inspired a lot of mockery on the platform. Many focused on the “up yours, woke moralists” bit.

Others thought the “what rules, you sons of b**ches” part was funnier.

There was also the “I would rather die than” delete the tweet part. Peterson’s account is now back online and the offending tweet is no longer there, so many speculated that he did delete the tweet even though he continues to live.

Others remixed the video.

Some people mocked Peterson in general because he styles himself a self-help guru with his book 12 Rules for Life yet melts down when he has to follow the same rules everyone else has to follow.

The full video is below.

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