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MAGA Congressional candidate promises to “start executing people” who support LGBTQ youth

Pastor Mark Burns
Pastor Mark Burns Photo: Screenshot

Republican and pastor Mark Burns is running for Congress in South Carolina is campaigning on an extreme promise: he wants to execute Sens. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, along with parents and teachers who support LGBTQ youth.

“I vote to make sure that those parents be held for child abuse,” Burns said on rightwing The Stew Peters Show. “There is no such thing as trans kids, there are only abusive parents who are pushing that evil, evil sexual orientation onto their child’s mind.”

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“I want to make sure that those parents have been held accountable,” he continued. “We should start putting some of those parents in jail for abusing their child’s minds. Especially in the school system, any teacher that is teaching that LGBT, transgenderism, furries, the groomers, any sexual orientation communication in the school system should be immediately terminated but [teachers should also] be held for abusing young children.”

He also compared LGBTQ-supportive adults to Nazis, even though the Nazis murdered LGBTQ people.

Burns didn’t just stop at saying that supporting LGBTQ youth is child abuse, but said that “the LGBT, transgender grooming our children’s minds is a national security threat because it is ultimately designed to destabilize the republic we call the United States of America.”

He said that, if elected, he’s going to bring back the House Un-American Activities Committee, the committee that was started in 1938 to investigate subversive citizens with ties to communism before it was abolished in 1975.

“It is a committee that we should reenact that starts holding these people accountable for treason. Lindsey Graham should be held accountable for treason for supporting Joe Biden’s gun-grabbing Second Amendment law that he’s trying to push forward,” Burns said. “Mitch McConnell just [urged] other Republican senators to support Lindsey Graham to come after our guns, to confiscate our guns. That should be held for treason.”

“We need to hold people for treason, start having some public hearings, and start executing people who are found guilty for their treasonous acts against the Constitution of the United States of America, just like they did back in 1776,” he said.

The primary election in South Carolina is scheduled for next week on June 14. Burns ran in 2018 and 2020 and did not win the GOP primary.

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