Lynda Carter mocks Lauren Boebert for attacking drag queens

Lynda Carter (l)/Rep. Lauren Boebert
Lynda Carter (l)/Rep. Lauren Boebert Photo: Shutterstock

Television’s Wonder Woman Lynda Carter mocked Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) claim that people should go to church instead of drag shows.

Earlier this week, Boebert tweeted: “Take your children to CHURCH, not drag bars.”

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She was referring to a family-friendly drag show in Dallas that got a lot of attention because of the Christian conservative protestors who demonstrated in front of the bar and yelled at the patrons, the kids, and the drag queens. The show was pretty tame – the worst the protestors could say about it was that there were fully-clothed drag queens in tights doing the splits – but that didn’t stop it from getting blown out of proportion for the first part of the week.

Enter Carter, who appears to have actually been to a drag show and therefore knows that drag isn’t a form of stripping, which conservatives appeared to think that they were all week. She responded to Boebert last night.

“Have you ever been to drag brunch?” Carter wrote like someone who has been to more than a few. “They have bread and wine, loving community, and men in fabulous dresses. Sounds a little like church to me!”

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