The internet is laughing at Marjorie Taylor Greene’s bizarre anger about Pride Month

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene Photo: Screenshot

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is taking flak again in her endless War on Pride.

This time, the first-year Congresswoman from Georgia is pitting freedom-loving American gays against those who serve in uniform.

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“Only one day each year, we honor military members who died serving our country for ALL of us to be free,” tweeted Greene. “#PrideMonth and the millions in spending through corporations & our government on LGBTQ sexual identity needs to end.”

Greene has been battling the forces of Pride for a while. Last year, the Congresswoman cosponsored legislation that would ban U.S. embassies from flying Pride flags, and lately she’s been talking about her own gay Replacement Theory, via her streaming channel: “Probably in about four or five generations, no one will be straight anymore. Everyone will be either gay or trans or nonconforming.”

Last year, Greene tried to shut down the House of Representatives over her opposition to the LGBTQ Equality Act, prompting retaliation from colleague Rep. Marie Newman (D-IL) across the hall from Greene’s office.

“Thought we’d put up our Transgender flag so she can look at it every time she opens her door,” Newman tweeted with a video.

Greene battled back with her own message in the form of a large sign next to her office door reading: “There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE. ‘Trust The Science!’”

Greene’s communications director Nick Dyer had no comment on whether the Congresswoman’s latest salvo meant she wants a shorter Pride celebration, or a ban on Pride all together.

Also, the representative’s fact-checking Twitter responses were not kind.

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