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Elon Musk whines about corporations who celebrate Pride. Tesla does it too.

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Elon Musk, the CEO of the car company Tesla, tweeted a meme mocking companies that use rainbows in their logos and ads to support LGBTQ Pride Month, even though his company has done exactly that in the past.

It’s Pride Month, which means that a lot of companies are going to be sporting rainbows on social media, on swag, and at events to show goodwill towards LGBTQ people. While some on the left complain that this practice waters down Pride’s roots in the Stonewall riots, many on the right complain about it because they don’t like acknowledging the existence of LGBTQ people.

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Enter Musk, who tweeted a meme of a man screaming while a tornado is in the background, with various rainbow logos on top of the tornado.

“June is almost here,” the tweet from May 31 said.

People were quick to point out that Tesla is one of the companies that loves to go to Pride parades and use rainbows as part of its marketing.

Others responded to the tweet itself, asking if Musk has a problem with LGBTQ people or Pride Month, especially considering his anti-LGBTQ tweets in the past.

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