This Week on LGBTQ Twitter: The gay urge to buy rainbow swag & other queer realities

Being Gay Pin
The limited edition pin benefits the Transgender Law Center.

The cishets have some…interesting…ideas about what it means to be LGBTQ. But we know better.

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1. It’s expensive

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Our wallets are already bracing for Pride season, and the gay tax we’ll be paying for anything with a rainbow on it.

2. It’s about more than sex

It’s also about being chatty (and walking fast and being late).

3. We want romance too. And also sex.

That feeling when you realize that getting more gay romcoms means more gays getting disappointed when reality doesn’t live up to the fantasy.

4. We’re here for all the puns.

If you haven’t made a dad joke about transportation, are you really trans?

If you don’t chuckle at out of context references to tops and bottoms, your gay card may be a counterfeit.

5. Our elders throw some of the best shade.

Because when you’ve seen what George has seen, you don’t have time for nonsense.

6. Our identities aren’t a phase, but our hair color might be.

Why limit ourselves to just one color?

7. We can flip the script in an instant

8. We have an inexplicable love for the Olive Garden.

If you know, you know.

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