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Right wing group publishes map of “woke” schools shortly after mass shooting at elementary school

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Liberty Alliance, a Missouri-based anti-LGBTQ “sovereign citizen” group, has launched a “Woke Heat Map” where people can “expose the insane actions of the radical Left … from Critical Race Theory to grooming toddlers with sexually explicit books.”

The map, which lists specific schools and classes, could be used to inspire threats and violence against diversity advocates and LGBTQ allies. The map was released shortly after one of the worst mass school shootings in history.

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The group’s map encourages people to report any “woke efforts” currently happening across the state. As of May 31, the map includes 12 such “hotspots.”  The map’s hotspots lead to right-wing pages and social media accounts detailing the alleged incidents.

Several of the current hotspots link to web articles about racial diversity training in various Missouri schools. Several connect to the conservative publications such as City Journal and The Daily Wire as well as the Leadership Institute’s anti-liberal school watchdog group Campus Reform.

One of the hotspots connects to a tweet published by Christina Pushaw, the press secretary of Florida’s governor who said that all pro-LGBTQ allies are pedophiles. Another hotspot links to Libs of TikTok, a right-wing Twitter account that regularly attacks LGBTQ-friendly teachers and gets politicians to push anti-equality legislation.

Journalist Ron Filipkowski shared a video on Twitter of Liberty Alliance executive director Spencer Bone speaking about the map. Several commenters on Filipkowski’s post worried that the group’s map could possibly lead to violence.

“After a racially motivated shooter just targeted an area because of its demographics, would could possibly go wrong with this?” one Twitter user asked.

Another added, “This seems like something the FBI should be aware of. They are targeting people. People will get hurt.”

Right-wing politicians and media figures have long said that LGBTQ-inclusive classroom content and so-called critical race theory, a graduate school-level course that teaches about the history of institutionalized racism in the legal system, are forms of pedophilic grooming and anti-American indoctrination. Children are not being taught law school courses in elementary school and teachers are not turning children transgender.

Such fear-mongering rhetoric increases the likelihood of threats and violence against anyone perceived to be an LGBTQ ally or racial justice advocate.

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