Marjorie Taylor Greene says Democrats “want to turn your kids gay”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Photo: Screenshot

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said that Democrats want to turn children gay and “have, you know, transgender” with them.

Greene was on her MTG Live podcast talking about Tesla CEO Elon Musk. A female flight attendant of Musk’s SpaceX firm said that he exposed his genitalia to her, rubbed her leg, and offered to buy her a horse if she performed a sexual act for him. He later paid her $250,000 to settle a sexual misconduct lawsuit in 2018, documents show.

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Greene apparently believed that news of Musk’s sexual harassment is a political attack against him, and she ranted about how conservatives like Musk and Donald Trump often get accused of sexual misconduct for some reason.

“If anyone was a Democrat steps out of line because they’ve decided they can’t go along with the horrible, disgusting, and failing ways of the Democrats, and they actually see the light, see the truth…” Greene said.

“They go, you know, I’m going to try voting Republican because these people over here make sense,” she continued. “They like everybody, they think our Constitution is for everyone, they don’t want to turn your kids gay and have, you know, transgender, and they don’t want to kill babies in the womb.”

She did not expand on how she thinks Democrats are trying to turn kids gay, but she has said in the past that liberal parents try to turn their kids transgender because “these mothers that think [having a trans child is] like a handbag.”

She has also said that she will introduce a federal “Don’t Say Gay” bill in order “to protect kids.” She did not specify why kids need to be protected from the mere mention of LGBTQ people, but perhaps she, like other conservatives, believes that talking about LGBTQ people in front of kids will make them queer.

Before she was in Congress, Greene got involved in politics by protesting drag queens.

She complained about a Drag Queen Story Time in Georgia on Facebook in 2019, writing: “Trans does not mean gender change, it just means a gender refusal and gender pretending. Truth is truth, it is not a choice!!!”

She then went to the event and confronted a library worker, recording her confrontation where she asked the worker why they were hosting “an event that went against her personal beliefs as a taxpayer.” She also posted another rambling 90-minute video from the library where she attacked the drag queen at the event.

“That’s the abomination that just read four children’s books to children in our public library here in Alpharetta, Georgia,” Greene said as she filmed the kids listening to the story.

“I do not hate or have any ill will against that man. I just don’t like that gender confusion being put on young children,” she continued.

“Now the Christians are the bad guys. We’re the bad guys,” she said. “Because we’re the protesters and we’re being hateful and we’re the ones that are the bad guys because we’re hating on people because we don’t want our children brainwashed and confused. So ridiculous.”

Teachers are already getting fired, resigning & speaking out against Don’t Say Gay movement

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