Donald Trump has a new gig as a motivational speaker

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Donald Trump has a new gig. The notoriously thin-skinned and foul-tempered former president has signed with a talent agency to be a motivational speaker.

Trump benefits from his partnership with American Freedom Tour. He gets to continue to air his political grudges and lay the groundwork for a 2024 presidential bid, while off-loading expenses for his rallies onto the organization. Plus, he gets paid to show up.

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Tickets for the events range from $9 for a seat outside the arena where you can watch the show on TV to $5000 for admission to a reception and photo opp with Donald Trump Jr. A higher tier without a stated price will get you access to the former president and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“The American Freedom Tour is not a Republican-aligned event or a Trump-aligned operation,” AFT’s founder, Chris Widener, said. But “both President Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are incredible speakers and we are happy to have them on our tour.”

The tour’s theme is “Faith, Family, Finances and Freedom.” Several Trump acolytes, like Pompeo and Candace Owens, have spoken during previous events.

Trump has already spoken at two events for the company and another is planned for next month in Memphis. The group will not say how much he’s paid to appear.

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