Biden blasts Republicans for Don’t Say Gay: They’ll “storm Cinderella’s castle” in anti-LGBTQ war

President Joe Biden
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President Joe Biden laid into Republicans for their “genuinely radical agenda” at a Chicago fundraiser yesterday, denouncing the party for pushing “Don’t Say Gay” bills and trying to ban library books.

“Did you ever think we’d be in a position in the year 2022 — we’d be talking about banning books in schools?” Biden said during his remarks at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser. “I mean, you know, the idea that you cannot mention — you cannot mention to the school.  What’s going to happen to a gay child, an L[G]BTQ child in school?”

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“I mean, this thing — it’s one thing to take on Disney World,” he said. “They’re going to storm Cinderella’s castle before this is over.”

“We have to make sure we keep this clear contrast on either side,” Biden continued. “As I said, this is not your father’s Republican Party.  This is a different breed of cat.  I mean, all kidding aside, it really is.  It really is.”

He was referring to Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law, which Disney said in a statement that they oppose. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and other Republicans have been relentlessly attacking the media company because of this statement, with Florida Republicans passing a law to take away a self-governance deal Disney had with the state.

A Republican in the Senate are trying to take away Disney copyrights in what has been called a “blatantly unconstitutional” bill.

This isn’t the first time Biden has blasted conservatives for their protests against Disney, which include “anti-groomer” protests in front of their theme parks for the past several weeks.

“It’s not even conservative in a traditional sense of conservatism,” Biden said at another fundraiser in April. “It’s mean, it’s ugly. Look at what’s happening in Florida: Christ, they’re going after Mickey Mouse.”

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