The best (& worst) drag auditions from TV talent competitions around the world

GinzillaPhoto: America's Got Talent

The Got Talent! franchises around the world have showcased some of the best entertainment available. From singers to acrobats, comedians to magicians, the shows have seen it all.

But the shows don’t consider lip-synching a talent, so what’s a drag queen to do? They sing, joke, do magic, and do contortions while they’re in drag, of course.

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Ever seen a drag queen twist herself into a pretzel and perform upside down? How about the queen that coaches a little girl’s dance troupe? And you haven’t seen talent until you’ve seen Ginzilla perform. (That queen has also competed on X Factor and Queen of the Universe.)

Thankfully, you can catch some of the best (and worst!) acts from around the franchise in one video. Be sure to keep an eye out for Ginzilla.

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