Protestors in front of Disneyland
Protestors in front of DisneylandPhoto: Screenshot

An “anti-groomer” protest of fewer than 100 people took place outside of Disneyland and Disney’s headquarters in California on Wednesday evening.

The right-wing protesters demonstrated against Disney’s late denunciation of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law. The vague law forbids any discussion of LGBTQ issues in elementary school classrooms. Its supporters claim that it protects children from being “groomed” by child molesters, a resurrection of the claim that queer people are sexual predators.

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The protest outside of Disneyland actually took place in front of an International House of Pancakes across the street from the theme park, according to NBC News reporter Ben Collins. Vice News described the group as “a ragtag group of far-right extremists, conspiracy theorists, and Christian nationalists.”

Collins said many of the protesters’ signs said things like “pedophiles don’t get trials,” a thinly-veiled death threat. Other signs read, “Disney: Stop Mousing Around With Our Kids” and “Boycott Disney and Their Attack On Our Kids: It’s a Satanic Agenda.”

Another sign read, “Disneyland Park is used after hours to program & torture children by the CIA through MKULTRA, they also use the parts to easily traffick children completely unnoticed.” The sign then directed people to “learn more about the dark side of Disney” at a Telegram chat channel called @TheTragicKingdom.

MK Ultra refers a CIA program during the 1960s and 1970s that used LSD and other techniques to weaken individuals through brainwashing and psychological torture. The woman’s sign also listed the names of two discredited conspiracy theorists who self-publish their books.

When interviewed, the woman holding the sign mentioned how much she loved Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin, who allowed a years-long anti-LGBTQ crackdown in Chechnya, is currently overseeing the committing of war crimes in Ukraine. He has been praised by the far-right for his country’s law criminalizing any “homosexual propaganda.”

One passerby in a Mickey Mouse hat told the protesters to “Get a f*****g life.” Another said she “supports inclusion.” She was immediately surrounded by a group of people holding cameras and asking is she was a pedophile. One man filming her said, “Your face is about to be all over the internet in five minutes.”

A group called Hold The Line organized the protest and accused Disney of “leaning too far-left,” The Post Millennial reported. The group has urged people to boycott Disney in order to “keep their children innocent.”

Vice identified Sean Feucht as the lead protest organizer. Feucht is a Christian pastor who organized mass mask-free outdoor concerts across the U.S. during the COVID-19 lockdowns to protest the shuttering of churches.

“They’ve been putting weird stuff in their movies for a long time, but now they’re actively fighting for children to be sexually indoctrinated as a kindergartner,” Feucht said during the protest.

As proof of Disney’s agenda, detractors have pointed to videos of Disney corporate president Kathy Burke and Disney executive producer Latoya Raveneau both discussing how they’d like more LGBTQ content in Disney’s media.

The protest was also attended by other far-right activists including Shiva Bagheri, Tomas Morales, and Kennedy Lindsey.

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