Donald Trump Jr mocked for bizarre Easter picture with “heavily armed furries”

Donald Trump Jr
Donald Trump JrPhoto: Shutterstock

Donald Trump Jr. is getting mocked for a picture he posted to social media of people dressed up as rabbits while holding guns and other weapons.

The image, which he posted on Easter, showed three people in white and pink rabbit suits. Two of them are holding assault rifles and the third has a vest with other weapons. They also have yellow ties and the words “COME AND TAKE IT” are written over the image.

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“#easter” is all Trump wrote as a caption.

The image is extreme, taking fun children’s imagery and associating it with mass shootings and then making it about the day where Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

“They ruin everything,” the account PatriotTakes wrote on Twitter.

“There were 4 mass shootings this week. There was one today, on Easter. But, yeah, let’s keep those gun rights,” a Twitter user responded.

“I didn’t know we had to fight heavily armed furries to get Easter eggs, but OK,” wrote another Twitter user.

Others mocked the image.

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