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Texas attorney general calls LGBTQ people “predators”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R)
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) Photo: Screenshot

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) had a meltdown because schools in the state are having a Pride Week, calling the attempt to teach young people about LGBTQ people illegal sex education and referring to LGBTQ people as “predators.”

Paxton sent a letter to Stephanie Elizadle, the superintendent of the Austin school district, saying that their Pride Week violates state law.

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“Your curriculum and lesson plans deal head-on with sexual orientation and gender identity – topics that unmistakably constitute ‘human sexuality instruction,'” Paxton wrote, apparently labeled any discussion of LGBTQ people as sex education. He called the topics “controversial and sensitive” and even decried possible “community circles” where students could have “group discussions on sensitive topics.”

“By hosting ‘Pride Week,’ your district has, at best, undertaken a weeklong instructional effort in human sexuality without parental consent,” Paxton wrote. “Or, worse, your district is cynically pushing a weeklong indoctrination of your students that not only fails to obtain parental consent, but subtly cuts parents out of the loop. Either way, you are breaking state law.”

He then said that parents can file grievances against the school district.

Paxton didn’t send the letter privately – he posted screenshots of it to Twitter with the message, “Liberal school districts are aggressively pushing LGBTQ+ views on Texas Kids! All behind parents’ backs! This is immoral and illegal.”

He then referred to LGBTQ people as “sexual propagandists and predators” and demanded they be held “accountable.”

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