Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses Pete & Chasten of wanting to creep in girls’ bathrooms

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene smirks next to her transphobic sign.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene smirks next to her transphobic sign. Photo: Screenshot

At a rally in support of Donald Trump this weekend, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said that out Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten Buttigieg should “stay out of our girls’ bathroom.”

Greene was attacking Pete Buttigieg for promoting more ecological forms of transportation, like cycling and electric cars, when she implied that he and his husband creep around in girls’ restrooms.

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“You know what?” she told the crowd in Commerce, Georgia, “Pete Buttigieg can take his electric vehicles and his bicycles, and he and his husband can stay out of our girls’ bathroom.”

The crowd cheered.

Her intent isn’t clear. On Twitter, some people thought she confused the Buttigieges for transgender women, which would make sense considering her violent opposition to transgender people using facilities that corresponds to their gender.

Others thought she was accusing the Buttigieges of being child molesters who prey on girls, which is also possible considering her support for the QAnon conspiracy theory (that well-known Democrats and celebrities run an international child sex trafficking ring) and the old homophobic trope that gay men are child molesters.

In the same speech, Greene mocked University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, using her deadname and referring to her as “he.”

“We’re going to kick the biological men out of women’s sports!” she said.


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