Joe Biden calls Fox reporter “silly” for asking about U.S. military plans

Joe Biden
Joe BidenPhoto: Adam Schultz / Biden for President

President Joe Biden dismissed a Fox reporter as “silly” when the latter asked about potential future U.S. military actions.

“When you said a chemical weapon use by Russia would trigger a response in kind-” Fox News’s Peter Doocy started to ask Biden at a White House event where the president announced his administration’s proposed Fiscal Year 2023 Budget yesterday afternoon.

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“It will trigger a significant response,” Biden said, cutting Doocy off.

“What does that mean?” Doocy pressed, wanting to know what the response would look like.

“I’m not gonna tell you,” Biden snapped back, growing incredulous. “Why would I tell you? You’ve gotta be silly.”

“The world wants to know?” Doocy tepidly suggested.

“The world wants to know a lot of things,” Biden said, smiling. “I’m not telling them what the response would be. Then Russia knows the response.”

Biden moved on to other questions.

While Biden used the expression “in kind” last week when talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin using chemical weapons in Ukraine, he apparently wanted to make it clear that the U.S. will not actually use chemical weapons in response to Russia’s potential use of chemical weapons by using the word “significant” instead yesterday.

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