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Thirsty women force cops to take down mugshot after internet goes wild for “fit felon”

Jonathan Cahill
Jonathan CahillPhoto: Mugshot

British police were forced to remove a “criminally hot” felon’s mugshot on Facebook after the posting drew hundreds of thousands of comments from thirsty women interested in finding the burglar who broke probation.

But they weren’t interested in turning him in.

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Jonathan Cahill, dubbed the “Fit Felon” online, also dominated Twitter for a while as interest grew and the lusty responses to the authorities were hilarious. The police eventually turned off the ability to reply to their tweet.

“Might leave my doors unlocked and bedroom door open you bad bad man,” one woman said on Facebook.

“Does he need a place to hide?” another asked.

“Break into my house and steal my heart!” someone else implored.

“If I find him, can I keep him?” one woman asked.

“He can kick my back doors in any time,” another quipped.

The women weren’t alone, of course, but they vastly outnumbered the gay men who responded.

“I’m leaving my windows unlocked at night and putting my door key under the welcome #HotBurglar mat… just in case,” Jacob Gardner tweeted, but for once it wasn’t the gays getting bawdy that caused the commotion.

“Should be easy to find… half the women in West Yorkshire will be chasing him,” one man joked.

And apparently it worked. Shortly after becoming British women’s wanted man, 37-year-old Cahill was spotted and apprehended.


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