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Prominent Christian doctor claims COVID vaccines will turn people into “transhumanist cyborgs”

Sherri Tenpenny
Sherri Tenpenny Photo: via Wikipedia

One of the leaders of the anti-vaccine movement claimed on TV that the goal of the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to make people “either chronically sick or turn them into transhumanist cyborgs.”

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny of Ohio is an influential source of COVID-19 misinformation, and she has also got a history of anti-LGBTQ statements, especially about transgender people. She has been using the prestige of her medical degree to push wacky COVID theories – like that the vaccines make people magnetic – and sell “detox” products to her gullible followers for years.

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She is especially influential on the religious right. She appeared on The Stew Peters Show, a show that calls people who get vaccinated “shot goblins” and claims that the vaccines will result in “American killing fields.”

“The stated goal is to depopulate the planet and the ones that are left, either make them chronically sick or turn them into transhumanist cyborgs that can be manipulated externally by 5G, by magnets, by all sorts of things,” Tenpenny said on the program.

She did not explain what exactly a transhumanist cyborg is, but she has attacked transgender people in the past, including making jokes at the expense of transgender people’s identities and implying Pope Francis “works for” an LGBTQ cabal.

Tenpenny got national attention last year for her claim in front of the Ohio House that the COVID vaccines make people magnetic, but she told Stew Peters that she was somehow proved right.

“I got dragged through the mud by the mainstream media when I said that in May of last year in front of the House committee in Columbus,” she said. “Well, guess what? It’s all true.”

“The whole issue of quantum entanglement and how what the shots do in terms of the frequencies and the electronic frequencies that come inside of your body and hook you up to the ‘Internet of Things,’ the quantum entanglement that happens immediately after you’re injected,” she continued. “You get hooked up to what they’re trying to develop, it’s called the hive mind, and they want all of us there as a node and as an electronic avatar that is an exact replica of us except it’s an electronic replica, it’s not our God-given body that we were born with.”

“And all of that will be running through the metaverse that they’re talking about. All of these things are real, Stew. All of them. And it’s happening right now. It’s not some science fiction thing happening out in the future; it’s happening right now in real time.”

Tenpenny ran one of the 12 Twitter accounts where 65% of COVID-19 misinformation originated, according to the Center for Countering Digital Hate, before she got banned from the platform last year for spreading COVID misinformation.

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