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Man shouting anti-gay slurs storms Marshalls store in Florida as customers flee

A Marshalls employee quickly helped customers to safety as a shirtless man rampaged through the building.
A Marshalls employee quickly helped customers to safety as a shirtless man rampaged through the building.Photo: Screenshots

A deranged shirtless man stormed a Marshalls discount store in Homestead, Florida while screaming about coronavirus prevention measures.

Video of the man’s rage-filled shopping trip quickly went viral online, showing customers fleeing the building as police show up to arrest him.

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“Get the fuck out of the store if you don’t believe in the Constitution, you fucking faggot,” the man yells at an unseen customer in the opening moments of the video. “I’ll beat the fuck out of you.”

A quick-thinking employee quickly directs customers out of the store as the man continues storming around, knocking over displays and destroying merchandise.

“He has his hand in his bag,” the person filming tells someone as they urge shoppers to exit and be careful.

“Fuck you,” the man yelled at people standing outside as he was led out of the store in handcuffs. “I wanna be free, you fucking pieces of shit. The fucking system is corrupt.”

The TikToker who uploaded the video, @destinyathand, clarified in the comments that the man approached shoppers, threatening them and screaming.

While the anti-vaxxer was soundly condemned online, the unnamed employee drew kudos for their quick actions to protect the business’s customers.

“Shoutout to the staffer in yellow that made sure people got out safe,” one viewer commented.

“The employee in the Yellow needs recognition. She got as many customers as she could out of a bad situation and risked her own safety,” another added.

@destinyathand This was at a Marshalls in Homestead, FL. Insane.. #viralvideo #viraltiktok ♬ original sound – Destiny XoXo

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