Fox is worried Joe Biden will pick a Black woman for the Supreme Court

Tomi Lahren talked about possible replacements for Stephen Breyer on Fox News
Tomi Lahren talked about possible replacements for Stephen Breyer on Fox NewsPhoto: Screenshot

Fox News host Tomi Lahren complained that President Joe Biden might pick a Black woman to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer today, saying that Kamala Harris is a Black woman and “we saw how well that worked.”

Discussing the news of Breyer’s announced retirement, Lahren said that she as sure Biden will pick “a Black woman, you know, he’s got a dedication to that.”

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“We saw how well that worked with Kamala Harris,” Lahren said, referring to the vice president. “Here’s to hoping that he has a better choice in mind for this position.”

“But I just hope that he would choose somebody that is not only qualified but maybe somebody that is not so far on the radical left.”

Several progressive and LGBTQ organizations have already asked Biden to make good on his campaign promise to put a Black woman on the Supreme Court.

“I am committed that if I’m elected president and have an opportunity to appoint someone to the courts, I’ll appoint the first Black woman to the courts,” Biden said in March 2020. “It’s required that they have representation now. It’s long overdue.”

“We also note that this retirement presents President Biden with a historic opportunity to address the fact that, for too long, our Supreme Court has not adequately reflected the diversity of the legal profession or our country as a whole,” the LGBTQ rights organization Lambda Legal said in a statement. “We look forward to the President honoring his campaign commitment to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court, achieving a long overdue ‘first’ for that institution.”

“We’ve seen time and time again that LGBTQ freedoms are fought for and won in the courts,” LGBTQ Victory Fund Executive Director Ruben Gonzales said in a statement. “It’s past time we have representation in the highest judicial body tasked with protecting our fundamental rights. Justice Breyer was a champion of equality during his nearly three-decade career on the bench and replacing him with an LGBTQ Black woman justice would be a powerful way to carry on his legacy.”

Lahren has a long history of inflammatory statements, including calling Black Lives Matter “the new KKK.”

In 2018, she said that the “highlight” of her Thanksgiving was watching Border Patrol agents fire tear gas at immigrants – including children – trying to enter the U.S.

Lahren has also attacked LGBTQ equality repeatedly, including when she once got mad at Barack Obama for supporting marriage equality.

She forcefully decried out actor Billy Porter when he wore a dress to the Oscars, accusing LGBTQ people of “attacking traditional men and marriage at every turn.”

“The military is not a social experiment. Finally a POTUS who understands the concept. Political correctness=intellectual dishonesty!” she once tweeted about Donald Trump’s transgender military ban. She also tweeted that the Trump administration’s attacks on trans rights were going to “return America’s taxpayer funded bathrooms and locker rooms to normal.”

Lahren relies heavily on gender stereotypes to belittle others She said last year that Joe Biden “might as well carry a purse” because he wore a facemask in public during the coronavirus pandemic.

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