Eric Trump claims his dad worked “24 hours a day.” A White House reporter called bullshit.

Eric Trump
Eric TrumpPhoto: Screenshot

Eric Trump, the third child of Donald Trump and the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, claimed that his father worked “24 hours a day” when he was president. A White House reporter called him out for it.

On Fox News, Eric Trump was attacking the Biden administration as lazy, saying that they don’t work as much as his dad did when he was in office.

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“These people aren’t present!” he ranted. “They’re not fighting for this country.”

“You know, the difference between them and my father… My father sat there 24 hours a day and fought for the United States’ best interests,” the second Trump son said, his voice cracking. “These people aren’t fighting. They’ve got no energy. They’ve got no charisma. They have no fight.”

S.V. Dáte, the senior White House correspondent for HuffPost, heard Eric Trump’s comments and couldn’t let them go without comment.

“Unbelievable,” Dáte tweeted. “Donald Trump kept the lightest work schedule of any president going back at least to Reagan, possibly to Eisenhower.”

“He rarely got to the West Wing before noon.”

“Unless watching TV and tweeting about he just saw is defined as ‘work,'” he noted sarcastically.

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