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“Ex-gay” leader admits to secretly having numerous gay hookups & affairs

“Ex-gay” leader admits to secretly having numerous gay hookups & affairs
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Jeffrey McCall – the “ex-gay” leader who leads Freedom March, a group that stages rallies and protests around the nation to tell desperate LGBTQ people that they can be straight or cisgender –  admitted to having numerous affairs with men. McCall has claimed to have been both gay and transgender at various times.

But on social media, McCall has admitted that his personal life has been anything but saintly. The hypocritical huckster was having numerous gay hookups and love affairs on the side.

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“Jeffrey McCall is a self-serving con artist who runs a fraudulent organization that preys on vulnerable and desperate LGBTQ people who grow up in religious homes,” said Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen.

“If McCall had an ounce of integrity he’d apologize for his rank hypocrisy and shut down his odious Freedom March racket before it ruins more lives. McCall’s own actions prove that he has no ability to ‘help’ anyone, starting with himself.”

McCall admitted to his sins on social media, writing, “In 2020 I met someone that I was trying to help (I was helping in other ways he didn’t deal with SSA [same-sex attraction]) which lead [sic] to me being unfaithful to Jesus and giving my heart away.”

“After denying what I wanted with him I then went on to fall sexually with a man when I felt wounded and lonely. This lead [sic] to multiple falls with men over time. (None of these men were Christians or people from ministry) Everytime [sic] I fell I would truly repent and turn away again. I would feel God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness sometimes before I could even finish the prayer.”

Besen also pointed out that McCall asked his followers to help finance his stay in Washington, D.C. following the poorly attended Freedom March. He told his gullible believers that he would be “getting my testimony out to senators and representatives! And of course hitting those individuals he send [sic] me to!”

McCall apparently was sent to other gay men for sex. God’s will.

“It seems that the real message of the Freedom March is that copious amounts of closeted gay sex is okay, as you feel bad about it and pray after each encounter,” added Besen. “This is a tragic, pathological, toxic group that spews dangerous lies into our society. The Freedom March has been exposed as a false front and the only respectable outcome from McCall’s revolting revelation is for these dishonest events to end.”

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