Lauren Boebert wore a “Let’s go Brandon” dress to meet Donald Trump & thinks it’s hilarious

Rep. Lauren Boebert, just hanging out at her restaurant with a gun, like a normal person
Rep. Lauren Boebert, just hanging out at her restaurant with a gun, like a normal person Photo: Jeffrey Beall/via Wikipedia

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) says that she’s turning “Let’s go Brandon” – a joke that went stale a while ago – into a “movement” after wearing a dress with that meme on it to meet Donald Trump last night.

Earlier today, Boebert shared a picture of herself in Mar-a-Lago wearing a dress that said “Let’s Go Brandon.”

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“It’s not a phrase, it’s a movement! #LGB” she tweeted with the picture.

“Let go Brandon” is a joke that many conservatives have been repeating over and over for the past month, since repetition always makes bad jokes turn into good jokes.

It comes from a NASCAR race in Alabama last month, where fans of driver Brandon Brown started chanting what sounded like “Let’s go, Brandon!” It slowly became apparent that they were actually chanting “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Since then, “Let’s go Brandon” has been everywhere as a way to say “Fuck Joe Biden” without saying “Fuck Joe Biden.” Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) ended a House speech with “Let’s go Brandon” and fist pump on October 21, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took a picture with a “Let’s Go Brandon” sign at a baseball game, Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) wore a “Lets go Brandon” facemask in Congress, and a Southwest Airlines pilot is under investigation for allegedly saying “Let’s go Brandon” over the intercom on a flight this week.

But Boebert is the Republican doing the most to get this meme to jump the shark, because “Tee hee hee, I’m saying ‘Fuck Joe Biden’ but not really!” is humor that speaks to her on a deeper level.

She tweeted a picture of herself with a “Let’s go Brandon” sign.

She then became a champion of a rapper’s “Let’s go Brandon” song that was removed from YouTube for violating the platform’s medical misinformation policy due to its lyrics about COVID-19.

Then Boebert made this video, which is her walking in D.C. while the “Let’s Go Brandon” song plays. She appears to think that she is walking in a way that some might call “fierce,” although her execution of the walk is debatable.

“LETS GO BRANDON,” she wrote with the video, to make sure everyone knew what the video is about.

Yesterday, she tweeted pictures of herself in a “Let’s go Brandon” dress at Mar-a-Lago, with Trump and with other luminaries of the right like Diamond and Silk.

Boebert got some positive coverage on Fox News’s site, which compared her dress favorably to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) “Tax the Rich” dress that she wore to the Met Gala this year.

Lest anyone think that Ocasio-Cortez’s dress is better since it referenced an actual issue instead of an immature meme, Boebert tweeted that “Let’s go Brandon” is “a movement!”


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