Lil Nas X had the perfect response to a homophobic meme about him

Lil Nas X
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Lil Nas X is enjoying all the success and praise from the release of his debut album, Montero, and he’s enjoying making his haters and detractors even more upset over it.

One person that tried to condemn the out rapper and LGBTQ Nation Heroes Award nominee for wearing a dress at the most recent Video Music Awards (VMAs) learned that the hard way.

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A Twitter account dedicated to spreading a meme comparing “Rappers Then,” with a picture of late rap legend 2Pac in a white suit, to “Rappers Now,” accompanied by a picture of Nas in the red-carpet lavender dress he wore to the VMAs ceremony in Brooklyn last month, where he took home three Moon Person trophies and thanked the “gay agenda” on stage.

The account posted the image of the meme several times on Twitter to try to get people to see it.

Eventually, the tweet came to the attention of Nas himself. Instead of getting mad, he made a simple request in response to the meme.

“can y’all please stop spreading this!” Nas said.

“spread this one instead, it’s a much better angle,” he tweeted, including an updated version of the meme with a different – and better – picture of him in the same dress.

Of course, Nas’s tweet bought the meme to the attention of several of his fans, who were quick to point out that Nas is far from the first male entertainer to wear a dress on a red carpet.

Some pointed out that 2Pac himself had some risqué fashion looks himself, and many other times he didn’t fit the ideal conservative presentation of a “masculine” person.

Other Twitter users suggested some more updates to the meme.


One even suggested another picture of Nas, taken when he wore all orange to the Variety Hitmaker Brunch in 2019 and often used for memes, as a better substitute.

Nas quickly agreed.

Editor’s Note: Lil Nas X is a nominee for LGBTQ Nation’s Hero of the Year Award. You can vote now for Nas, or one of the four other nominees — Pete Buttigieg, Elliot Page, Andraya Yearwood, and Dr. Rachel Levine — now until September 30. Vote Here.

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