Today is International Nonbinary People’s Day & social media is celebrating

@Queen_Finxa Photo: Twitter/screenshot

Today is International Nonbinary People’s Day and Twitter is celebrating with an outpouring of heartfelt emotion.

The hashtag #InternationalNonbinaryDay is trending with thousands of tweets from supporters and enbies themselves. Here are some of the most moving we’ve seen so far today.

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Linds Hays, from Wethersfeld, Connecticut, identifies as non-binary. Linds told LGBTQ Nation in 2020 that the biggest challenge has been the need to explain what non-binary actually means.

“I want to try to educate people as much as I possibly can, but sometimes explaining my identity can be exhausting,” they said. “I try to encourage others to do the research. I knew I was non-binary but I don’t think I was prepared for all the questions people had about what being non-binary is.”

“I love today because it reminds me of who I am, and the work I had to do to discover myself,” Linds said. “I’m so happy I’m able to celebrate being non-binary, and I can be free to be who I really want to be. Today is a day to celebrate who I truly am without any apologies.”

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