Pride in pictures

Pride in Pictures: Philadelphia Mummers show their Pride

Pride in Pictures, Kate Hill Cantrill
Photo: Kate Hill Cantrill

For our second annual Pride in Pictures, LGBTQ Nation asked readers to submit a meaningful photo of themselves at Pride.

We have absolutely loved seeing your joy, your glitter, your fabulous outfits, and of course, your pride. Now, we’re spending the summer sharing some of our favorite photos and stories with all of you.

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Kate Hill Cantrill 


Philadelphia, 2019

What makes this photo special to you?

This is a photo of a team of the Philadelphia Mummers marching for Philly Pride, 2019. I was so moved to see a team from The Mummers supporting–not only supporting, but being stunningly active participants in–Pride Day. The Mummers are old school Philadelphia, and some of that old school incorporates racism, sexism, and homophobia. I did not ask this man to turn to me, strike a pose and show off his beautiful colors, but he did and I took the photo and I said, “Thank you,” and he nodded and smiled as the whistle blew to indicate that it was now their time to join the march.

Pride in Pictures, Kate Hill Cantrill
Kate Hill Cantrill

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