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Texas conservatives mocked for list of scary words like “diversity” & “ally” being taught in schools

The TPPF tweet
The TPPF tweetPhoto: Screenshot/Twitter

A conservative organization is being roundly mocked after they called for a long list of words to be banned in schools because they are “critical race theory” in disguise. The list included controversial words like “diversity,” “ally,” and “justice.”

“Are you wondering if Critical Race Theory is being taught in your child’s school? Stay on the lookout for some of CRT’s less ‘buzzworthy’ names and language,” the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) tweeted with the hashtag #BanCRT.

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The TPPF has been obsessed with CRT this past year, insisting in multiple articles on their website that the academic movement started in the 1970s mostly by Black law professors is being taught to children in grade school. The organization – whose board is almost entirely white – is advocating for a law to ban CRT from schools.

For decades, CRT got very little attention in mainstream politics. But Republicans made it a bogeyman this past year, claiming that children are being taught CRT in school and GOP lawmakers in several states are trying to ban it.

And the list from TPPF makes it clear why they think it’s being taught in schools: they argue that almost any discussion of racism, diversity, or colonialism is CRT.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, was mocked on Twitter.

The list of “less buzzworthy” words includes “anti-racism” and stating that Black lives matter, as well as talking about identity or inequality.

Even words about colonialism made the list, which, as some people pointed out on Twitter, would make teaching history difficult since the fact that the U.S. was once a colony of Britain is a big deal in U.S. history, and it’s hard to understand the world today without knowing that centuries of colonialism happened.

People also pointed out that conservative organizations like TPPF have spent years arguing for free speech in education, claiming that conservatives are silenced in schools, but now they want to ban an entire list of words they don’t like.

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