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Stephen Miller whines “transgender ideology” tells kids they can be “whatever they want to be”

Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller on June 18, 2016, at an event in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo: Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Stephen Miller – one of Donald Trump’s top white nationalist advisers and the “chief architect” of Trump’s Muslim travel ban – is now focusing his attention on attacking what he called “transgender ideology” because it means that “people are whatever they want to be” and violates America’s “Judeo Christian heritage.”

Miller, whose leaked emails showed a long-running obsession with white nationalism, has turned his attention to LGBTQ rights and has co-founded a new organization that is already involved in a lawsuit to overturn LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws. He claims that LGBTQ people are “in our elementary schools teaching young people that there are no boys and girls, men and women, but in fact, people are whatever they want to be, which has profound implications for medicine for culture, for religion, and for truth itself.”

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“So they will be forcing religious Americans, religious believers, people of faith, to violate their deeply held beliefs, their own private conscience rights and to adopt a transgender viewpoint,” Miller said on Christian Broadcasting Network reporter David Brody’s web show, Real America’s Voice.

Miller was a Senior Adviser to the White House and helped write Trump’s 2017 inaugural address. He’s believed to be the chief architect of the Muslim travel ban.

In 2019, hundreds of emails sent by Miller were leaked that showed an obsession with white nationalist views; of the 900 emails obtained by HateWatch, 80% were about race or immigration.

In the emails, he shared stories about crimes committed by non-white people and repeatedly stressed his opposition to immigration. He linked the neo-Nazi website VDARE, which promotes the myth that “nonwhite people are systematically and deliberately wiping white people off the planet.”

Miller even touted an obscure racist French novel to a Brietbart News reporter. The book is about “a flotilla of Indian people who invade France” led by a man called the “turd-eater.” The Indian men rape white women in order to end the white race, and the main character shoots a pro-race-mixing leftist.

Several weeks later, the Brietbart reporter wrote about the novel and it has since been a fixture in racist online forums.

Miller told Politico in March that he believes attacks on transgender rights “will help [the] GOP win midterms” in 2022, and now he’s focusing on anti-LGBTQ activism. He co-founded the organization America First Legal last month. The group claims that “America First principles are now under attack like never before.”

The group is getting involved in a lawsuit to roll back LGBTQ rights, where the management firm Braidwood Management Inc. is suing the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) to force them to stop investigating cases involving anti-LGBTQ discrimination. Christian conservative activist Steve Hotze, who owns the firm, claims that he “operates his corporations as Christian businesses, he does not allow Braidwood to hire or employ individuals who are known to engage in sexually immoral behavior or gender non-conforming conduct of any sort, including homosexuality, cross-dressing, and transgenderism.”

America First Legal and Hotze argue that the management services firm’s religious liberty is being violated because its religious beliefs include not hiring LGBTQ people. In the suit, they specifically ask to be allowed to fire bisexual people, claiming that there is no way to prove that anti-bisexual discrimination is a form of sex-based discrimination since “the ‘same trait’ (sexual attraction toward members of both sexes) is treated exactly the same regardless of whether that ‘trait’ appears in a woman or a man.”

Hotze himself has a colorful past in anti-LGBTQ extremism, once denouncing Supreme Court Justices who “want to let sodomites queer our country.”

“Homofascists were enabled and appeased by those who treated their behavior as normal or acceptable,” he said during a 2015 speaking tour. “The indoctrination started in public schools, by design. Remember: Homosexuals can’t reproduce. They have to recruit.”

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