Pride in pictures

Pride in Pictures: Partying through a rainbow-streaked Iceland

Pride in Pictures, Iceland
Photo: Eloise Ullman

For our second annual Pride in Pictures, LGBTQ Nation asked readers to submit a meaningful photo of themselves at Pride.

We have absolutely loved seeing your joy, your glitter, your fabulous outfits, and of course, your pride. Now, we’re spending the summer sharing some of our favorite photos and stories with all of you.

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Fay Jacobs


Reykjavik, Iceland, 2017

What makes this photo special to you?

We arrived, sleepless, in Iceland at 6am and discovered it was Pride day. We ate breakfast, walked all over town and saw every hotel, restaurant and shop decorated with rainbow flags.

We went to the Pride Parade, with music by Abba, disco, all the same as the U.S. We saw kids and parents and the whole town, gay and straight, attending the parade and celebrating. It was one of the most meaningful days in our 35 years together. We partied until we fell into bed at the hotel at 2 a.m.!

Pride in Pictures, Iceland

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