Pride in pictures

Pride in Pictures: Ms. Dominique Dubois returns to drag

Pride in Pictures, Ms. Dominique Dubois
Photo: Tracy Copeland

For our second annual Pride in Pictures, LGBTQ Nation asked readers to submit a meaningful photo of themselves at Pride.

We have absolutely loved seeing your joy, your glitter, your fabulous outfits, and of course, your pride. Now, we’re spending the summer sharing some of our favorite photos and stories with all of you.

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Tracy Copeland


Tacoma, Washington 2015

What makes this photo special to you?

This picture was taken during Pride weekend in Tacoma, Washington. My husband missed doing drag so we flew back to Tacoma to perform one more time at the bar. My Husband Robert, AKA Ms. Dominique Dubois, was so excited to perform during Pride weekend. We currently live in Dallas, Texas and celebrate Pride each year. This virus is really doing a number on all of us during pride. Can’t wait to get back to it.

Pride in Pictures, Ms. Dominique Dubois
Tracy Copeland

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